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Welcome to Cheshire Side Steps

Land Rover


Why choose us?

Our Quality

At Cheshire Side Steps, we offer side steps that are manufactured in the UK, which add functionality and style to your Land Rover. They have been designed, tested and built to match the quality of your vehicle; they are a popular choice when it comes to upgrading the look of your vehicle. We take great pride in the quality of our products, but if you have any issues, we will replace them free of charge as we offer a three-year no-quibble guarantee.

With better access into and exiting your Land Rover, our side steps will help with your day to day driving needs as well as protecting your vehicle’s exterior. From sleek and clean to the rugged, off-road style, we offer a range of different styles to suit your needs and model of Land Rover.

Black Land Rover Defender car with side steps

We offer a mobile fitting service at your home or work.

Land Rover Discovery car with side steps

We are the experts

Style and Practicality Included

Our side steps are stylish and versatile but are easy to clean and maintain so that you can keep your vehicle in pristine condition. At Cheshire Side Steps, our UK Manufactured side steps will fit your Land Rover perfectly and follow the design of your model seamlessly.

Side steps add style and unlimited practicality to your Land Rover; for one, they help you get in your car comfortably, but they also protect the exterior of your car. They are a great addition to the family car, especially for children and those less able; you gain safer and better access to your vehicle.

Cheshire Side Steps

Fitting Your Side Steps

Take the stress and hassle out of fitting side steps yourself by calling the experts at Cheshire Side Steps. Should you require assistance or technical support, then get in touch with us today, as our expert team are highly trained to fit side steps to many models of Land Rover.

Our professional side step fitting service is based in-store in Trafford Park, Manchester, but we also offer a mobile fitting service. The side steps can be fitted while you wait.

White Land Rover Discovery car with side steps
Black Land Rover Discovery car with side steps

What we do

Why Choose Cheshire Side Steps?

  • We offer a fast and efficient service to all our customers.
  • Our Side Steps add character to your pride and joy whilst providing extra protection.
  • We offer a three-year no-quibble guarantee as we take great pride in the quality of our products.
  • Our service is hassle-free for all customers throughout the buying and fitting process.
  • All of our staff are fully trained with experience in all Range Rover models.
  • We offer a full guarantee and backup support should you need it.
  • The products we stock are vehicle-specific; different versions for different models are available.
  • Our team can provide mobile and in-store fitting at our store in Manchester.


At Cheshire Side Steps, we are the North West’s premier supplier and installer of manufactured side steps for all Land Rover and Range Rover models. If you have any questions.

0161 511 9801

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