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Back in Production, the Land Rover Defender.

/What has Changed?

After four years out of production, the Land Rover Defender has made its return into the world of 4×4’s. After being dormant since 2016, the all-new 2020 Defender has been slated because of its new design. The Land Rover Defender has been known for its truly iconic looks, from stylish to practical; the Defender has had everything over the years.

Like the earlier model Defender, the 2020 version comes in two sizes, the 90 with two doors and the 110 with an extended wheelbase and five doors. The style is unmistakable, with the strong bonnet and roofline, the spare wheel and the side opening tailgate. Describes as an engineering challenge, with larger wheels, the new model required new structural capabilities.

At Cheshire Side Steps, we specialise in the side steps for a range of Land Rover models, but what makes the new defender different from the old one?

Never Heavy With Luxury, Until Now.

The original Land Rover Defender was never a luxury car, mainly because it was designed to be a rugged working truck. However, since 1947 it has come a long way, as the most recent model has been revitalised and revised. The springy bench seats have gone and have been replaced with modern luxury seats that make every journey that bit more comfortable.

Modern, yet retro look.

The new design is up to date but it also shows an ode to its predecessors. With a clean and muscular design, the new Defender perfectly matches its go-anywhere ethos. The two-box shape and upright grille are still featured within the new design, but the sharp lines have been removed. The original’s circular headlights inspiration is still visible, but within the new design, there is a somewhat more aggressive face.

Range Rover-esque interior.

The interior of the new Defender has been brought to life with a new design and it comes with a 10-inch touchscreen console display with fancy accessories. This is the sort of thing you expect from the top-end Range Rover or another luxury 4×4 model. With the sleek interior and tough materials used, it’s easy to presume that the Defender was, in fact, a Range Rover.

Off-roading abilities.

Coping with tough terrain is one of the staples of the Land Rover Defender because not only is it a legendary 4×4 manufacturer, but it has the ability to go almost anywhere. The notorious nature of the previous models meant that the 2020 edition also needed to cope with the off-roading capabilities.

The Defender name has cachet and that’s something that Land Rover won’t throw away. The new off-roader has a lot to compete with in terms of its history; however, can it cope with the double lifestyle that it offers drivers? This is a major question in terms of how capable it is and how it can make a users life easier. What are your thoughts on the new Land Rover Defender design?

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