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Five reasons why you need Side steps for your Range Rover

If you’re the proud owner of a Range Rover, you might have noticed a teeny tiny missing detail to your all-powerful road machine. What’s this, mate? All that ground clearance and no slab by the doors? Am I supposed to do a gallop while climbing in? This is some kind of sick twisted joke, isn’t it? My legs hurt from all the stretching. 

If these thoughts have come to your mind, then this article is definitely for you.
Here are five reasons why you need side steps for your Range Rover.

Convenient for short people

People of short stature may find it very inconvenient while climbing onto a big vehicle. There’s simply no way one can get in with just one big swoop from their legs. Shorter individuals need extra support to access their Range Rovers smoothly. That’s where our Cheshire Side Steps come in handy. By providing a deployable side step, the overall experience feels as smooth as prancing up a flight of stairs.

Safe for pregnant women

Pregnant women absolutely need a safe environment while going on the road. Carelessness can lead to all sorts of danger. Just one little misstep can turn the usual trip to the grocery store into a panicked rush to the nearby hospital.

So, if you’re someone with a bun in the oven, you might want to add some much-needed extra layers of safety. Both you and junior will be all the better for it.

Safe for senior citizens

Senior citizens are already plagued by a never-ending series of aches and pains that comes naturally with old age.

Let’s not add to the list of things they need to be worried about. Most senior citizens find the process of climbing in and out of Range Rovers an extreme nuisance. Constantly exerting themselves may lead to nasty cramps and strains.

Attachable side steps work like a charm for old aged drivers, helping them avoid going through all that unnecessary trouble. After all, driving at an old age shouldn’t be an unpleasant experience, especially when most of life is.

Works well for children

There’s simply no way for children to climb onto such a big vehicle without any added support. Adding an attachable side step can make the Range Rover truly safe and childproof for the adorable little munchkins.

It looks great

A sleek and shiny deployable side step is a great accessory to your Rover. Made with heavy-duty steel, covered with sturdy moulded black rubber, and a non-slip coating for added safety, it can truly enhance all Land Rover and Range Rover models.


Unless you’re someone who likes falling flat on your face, getting side steps for your beast of a car is a simple no brainer. We hope that we’ve helped you understand the importance of this nifty tool. With the attachable side step, you can say goodbye to those occasional missteps and nasty falls.

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